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Black hat and Link Buildings

With regards to off page activities, link building, for example, used by many white hat SEO consultants, you get links from other websites on the Internet that essentially promote your website. Black hat would use link farms or buy links from other websites, and this is definitely against Google's guidelines. Now the pros of using white hats or black hat SEO, I think, can become a bit more apparent. But black hat has a different pro, and that is that you can get results very, very quickly, and depending on the industry that you're in, this may be more relevant to what you're actually trying to achieve. If, for example, you're in an industry where people use a sort of rinse and repeat black hat technique, they create a website, use black hat to optimize it, get results, make profit, get banned from Google, and then create another site and do the same thing all over again. So, white hat is a very stable and long- term source of generating revenue, whereas black hat is a very immediate way of doing that and also carries this high risk. So there is the fundamental difference between black hat and white hat SEO.

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